We have a Tadano 60t crane for in Southern Cross and across the Wheatbelt. This is a high performance Japanese crane with a 43m boom which is the longest in its class. A permanently attached counter weight negates the need for a support truck and allows for a quick set up. The rounded boom makes for less weight and the whole crane has a very good load chart indeed.

The GT600EX has all wheel drive and rear wheel steer allowing for tight manoeuvring gaining access on sites where others cannot. This crane is ideal for erecting structural steel at long radius’s and lifting and rotating precast panels. This is a high performance all terrain truck mounted crane with great flexibility.

Tadano GT600EX 60 Specifications:

  • Length: 11.1m
  • Width: 3.0m
  • Height: 3.75m
  • Outrigger footprint: 6.13m x 7.0m
  • Max tip height: 58m


Main Features of the GT600EX Truck Mounted Crane

  • Travelling on the road with counterweight: No need to dismount the counter weights of the GT-600EX when travelling on roads so crane operations can be started once on site
  • Hydraulic suspension: All axles are equipped with a Hydraulic suspension system which helps absorb the shocks and vibrations which take place due to bad roads
  • Automatic moment limiter (AML-C): Allows the operator to easily simultaneously monitor: boom angle, length, operating pressure of elevating cylinder, extended width of the outriggers, slewing position, rated lifting capacity and present hook weight. This allows the AML-C to move easily through lifting capacity changes without changing configurations and codes