Another Terex / Franna classic is the Mac 25-4 pick and carry crane made at the Terex Brisbane facility. Hugely successful in Australia and the far east this 25 metric tonne capacity crane continues the strong tradition of the 25T. A superlift (SL) upgrade is also available on the MAC 25-4 as an additional option. This low slung kit works in conjunction with the existing counterweight to increase maximum load capacity (up to 30% in some configurations) to 25 tonnes.

Southern Cross Crane Hire can attest to the tried, tested and proven design that’s been improved over the years in a wide range of difficult applications. It’s top speed of 80 kmh makes it very efficient when moving from site to site so making it cost effective when hiring for our customers. Operating without outriggers this crane has a wide variety of applications, its great on flat roads and nimble on constricted sites. The current standard of the pick and carry crane, available for hire with SCCH.


Franna (Terex) Mac 25-4 Specifications:

  • Length (Extended): 18.4m
  • Weight: 4.2t
  • Width: 2.72m
  • Max Hook Height: 18m
  • Lift Capacity: 25t at 1.4m radius, 14.8 tonne at 3.0m radius & 1.8t at 15.7m radius
  • Length: 7.15m

Operational Features of the Franna Mac 25-4 Crane

  • Automatic counterweight detection
  • Operator settable maximum working height
  • Maximum working radius
  • Maximum front axle weight
  • Rigging limits
  • Percentage of rated capacity