The 15t Franna has a long and important history in Australia, reliably helping the building and construction industry for 30 years. Due to its simple classic design, this crane makes for a fast and efficient machine, especially for multiple small jobs.

The articulated pick and carry design has made is first choice on sites across Australia since the 90’s. It’s so simple to operate and has a host of features surprising of such a simple small pick and carry crane. Fully articulated and 4WD made this a winner in the 90’s when it first has a 12 tonne limit, and so it continues to this day. The 15T Franna is simple, fast and reliable.

Franna (Terex) 15T Specifications:

  • Length (Extended): 15.9m
  • Weight: 3.5t
  • Width: 2.47m
  • Max Hook Height: 17m
  • Lift Capacity: 15t at 1.6m radius
  • Length: 6.13m

Main Features of the 15T Franna Crane

  • Lifting capacity 12t at 1.6 M Radius and or 1t at 15.5M
  • Maximum system length: 15.86 + 2.66 = 18.4m
  • Machine weight 17,000 kgs
  • Road speed of 85 kph Max. Site speed from stop to crawl 6 kph/hr 4wd